Herbi Clean surface cleaner with acorn extract is a herbal, universal furniture and other washable surface cleaner. Moreover, it is one hundred percent natural and environmentally friendly.


Owing to its state-of-the-art formula, it is perfect for cleaning any surface.


The key ingredient of Herbi Clean cleaning agents is acorn extract. This innovative formula contains tannins, which have natural bactericidal properties. Herbi Clean is environmentally friendly, its products are natural, safe for people and the environment. Herbi Clean cleaning agents are also perfect for vegans and, most importantly, they have never been tested on animals.


Our furniture cleaner – as well as the entire Herbi Clean product range – is based on plant ingredients which are health neutral.


This herbal cleaner will make your furniture shine again, it will be a breath of new life, while all the surfaces at your home will be squeaky clean.


Properties of Herbi Clean furniture cleaner:

  •         Leaves no streaks, guarantees reliable cleaning of all washable surfaces or any type of furniture
  •         Restores your furniture’s long-lost shine
  •         Unrivalled for any washable surface



<5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance composition, linalool

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