Frequently asked questions

Does Herbi Clean use ammonia and chlorine compounds for its products?
No. Herbi Clean products are based on environment and human friendly components. Therefore, we at Herbi Clean to not use such ingredients as, for instance:

Do the Herbi Clean products contain animal products?
NO. Our products are entirely plant-based. We do not use animal-origin products, so our products are vegan-friendly.
Can Herbi Clean products be safely combined with one another?
YES. Unlike many other products, Herbi Clean products can be safely combined with one another. Some traditional cleaning agents may contain ingredients which, combined with other, can produce harmful compounds. The best example is chlorine, widely used in bleach, which forms toxic compounds when combined with other substances. And so, if we accidentally combine an agent containing chlorine with that containing ammonia, a toxic and irritating chloramine will be the product of such reaction. When combined with alcohol, in turn, chlorine compounds will yield chloroform, a strong sedative. Bleaching chloride combined with a product containing acid (e.g. descaling liquid) yields highly toxic gaseous chlorine. This can all be avoided using, for instance, safe Herbi Clean products. Even when combined at other cleaning stages, neither we nor our families are not running any risk.
Are Herbi Clean products natural?
Most ingredients used in Herbi Clean products are of natural origin. We try to make the most of natural forces. This is why we use acorn extracts, rather than synthetics, as the antibacterial ingredient.
Are Herbi Clean products safe for people?
DEFINITELY YES. We do not use toxic ingredients nor those that may cause toxic interactions. Our products are made according to the most recent findings about the effects of particular components. All this in order to ensure our client’s maximum safety.
Are Herbi Clean products tested on animals?
NO. The components we use are not tested on animals. Herbi Clean is a people-, animal- and environmentally-friendly company.
Where do we get the knowledge of herbs?
Our knowledge of the herbs comes both from tradition in which we were raised, passed on from generation to generation, and from scientific research and experiments. For us, knowledge of the herbs is a priority. The ability to combine active substances encased in plants is what sets us apart from others. For this reason, our products are not only efficient, but also safe.
Do herbs work?
OF COURSE, YES. Herbs contain many active, broad-spectrum substances. It was our ancestors who had already known about the efficiency of herbs - they used them for making medicinal mixtures, insect repellents or as food preservatives. Plants secrete a number of substances which help them survive - they may be essential oils which attract insects, tannins which repel carnivores or flavonoids which give them colour or taste. We are able to use many of those substances for our own purposes - essential oils, apart from fragrance also have medicinal properties, tannins are antibacterial and flavonoids - antioxidant. These are but a few examples, which there can be many more.
What herbs are used in our products?
The first line of Herbi Clean products uses acorn extracts. It has a very strong antibacterial properties. The subsequent lines will feature other plants with equally important beneficial properties. It is worth following our offer and checking for any new arrivals.