Why acorns

Almost everybody knows acorns. However, few of us realize the power encased in them. Current studies of this plant show that it has incredible antibacterial properties, comparable even to antibiotics!

As we grew up heeding herbal traditions, we have always known the power of acorns. Research merely corroborated what we had known from experience.

And what causes acorns to have such extraordinary natural properties? It is tannins which comprise as much as 7% of acorns. Tannins are herbal phenol derivatives. In the course of evolution, plants developed these substances to protect themselves from herbivores. We, in turn, can use them to protect ourselves against bacteria, viruses and free radicals.

Herbi Clean products feature acorn extract of various concentrations. In order to make the most of the cleaning potential of acorns, we also added other modern plant substances.

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