Herbi Clean herbal glass cleaner with acorn extract is designed for glass surfaces and mirrors. It removes any sediment and dirt, but above all, it leaves no streaks. The product is natural, and most importantly of all, it has never been tested on animals. The window cleaner is highly efficient and research shows that acorn extract has strong antibacterial properties.


Owing to these discoveries, a line of natural cleaning agents has been developed. Herbi Clean products not only offer comprehensive glass surface and mirror care, but also that of bathrooms, kitchens, as well as windows and floors.


The natural and safe cleaning agents have been developed using plant tannins contained in acorns.


Herbi Clean glass cleaner is natural, environmentally friendly and it has no adverse health effects. It does not contain any undesirable chlorine compounds, ammonia, EDTA, ethanolamine, triclosan, phosphates, SLS nor any other ingredients that may adversely affect our bodies. Herbi Clean products have never been tested on animals.



  • Efficient
  • High-performance
  • Leaves no streaks
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Ingredients/INCI

<5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance composition, linalool. Contains ethanol, contaminated.

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